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If you are using Brother Printer and need some Technical Support to solve your Printer issues, then contact us for Brother Printer Customer Support Service for troubleshooting. We have solutions to all your Brother Printer Problems which you face. We have a unit of highly skilled engineers who are competent of providing you with the best possible assistance to solve Brother Printer issues. Our Brother Printer Technical Support offer you the facilities like installing the Printer without the disc, corrupted printed quality, paper jamming, generous printing pace, etc.

We render the affordable services for our users. Our specialty is our Support Staff that provide the services in a solicitous manner. We help in resolving all kinds of Printer errors such as setting up your Printer, connecting your Wi-Fi, paper jamming, and slow printing, delivering the poor image quality, old age or outdated technology. When you call on our Brother Printer Customer Service Phone Number you will be greeted by our professional staff after taking all your concerns your call will be assigned to the several technicians who will assist you further.

Our Services

Just in case, if you are puzzled with any Printer Problems, you need to be assured of the fact you can only resolve them by consulting the specialists. And for that, you are supposed to reach Brother Customer Service Support. To make things simpler, we have enlisted the number 1-888-778-2394 so that you can call the experts immediate to receive an instant solution.

Brother Printer Support

Brother Printer Support

Besides troubleshooting Brother Printer issues, we also offer you necessary Brother Printer Support Services to resolve any Printer issues. So if your Printer is not working well, no need to panic, we will give you the support needed within a given time frame. You just give us a call on our Toll-free Number, we will be there to provide you necessary Technical assistance.

Brother Printer driver Support

Brother Printer Driver

While using a standard Brother Printer, sometimes problems arise like the Printer is not identified from the driver just because of the configuration and compatibility issues. Printing of a document is not achievable if you didn't get your system to be connected with a compatible Driver. Thus, driver plays a fundamental role to make a printing the documents.

Brother Printer offline

Fix Offline Printer

It is often troublesome when you print a document, and your printer becomes offline. Now no need to worry about as Brother Printer Customer Support helps you to Solve Offline Printer issues within a short span of time. This issue occurs very often and even this issue can be resolved. So there is no need to search for the solution. We provide complete Support for your Printer.


Q: How to Fix a Printer that is Offline?

Ans. When you are willing to print a job, but your Brother Printer is offline, it can comfortably hold up your planned production. Delays are unavoidable when you are dealing with Computers and Printers, but this doesn't change the fact that it can be frustrating. A few manageable troubleshooting measures can get your Brother Printer back online so that you can quickly continue printing and meet your requirements.

  • Step 1. Examine all Printer and Computer connections and then power up your Printer.
  • Step 2. Double-click the Brother Printer symbol on your Computer. Alternatively, click the Windows "Start" button, click "Devices and Printers" and right-click the Brother Printer icon.
  • Step 3. Click on "See What's Printing."
  • Step 4. Click the "Printer" drop-down menu.
  • Step 5. Eliminate the check mark from the "Use Printer Offline" box. You will now be able to continue production and complete your print job.

Q: How to install the Printer Driver on the Server?

Ans: If the Printer Driver that is installed on the Client computer is an OEM driver, and a Driver is open from the Printer's manufacturer, replace the OEM Driver with the Driver that is available from the Printer’s manufacturer. When you install a Printer Driver, last server clients are required log off and then log on to the terminal server before the Printer Driver change takes force. To connect the Printer Driver, use either of the following means. To implement these methods, you must have been chosen the appropriate authority.

  • Method 1: Run the Printer's Setup Software to install the printer driver .inf file on the terminal server.
  • Method 2: Install the Printer Driver by using Add Printer Driver Wizard.

Q: How to install Printer on Mac?

Ans: The primary step to adding a Printer is to make sure the USB cable is correctly connected to both the Computer and the Printer, and that the Printer is plugged into a power outlet and turned on.

Once you have actually connected the Printer and turned it on, it should be noticed by your Mac. OS X includes Printer Drivers for most USB Printers you can buy today. In addition to attaching USB Printers, you can also connect Printers that have been shared on the network. You can even print to remote Printers utilizing the TCP/IP protocol. All you require to know is the Printer’s IP address.

To install a shared or IP Printer, go to System Choices, then choose Printing under Print & Fax. Succeeding, click on the plus sign below the Printer list. Your machine will then attempt to link the Printer. Once a link has been fortunately created, the Add button will become active, and you can tick on it to add your Printer. If you are connecting an IP Printer, select IP Printers at the top of the Browser window.

You will require knowing the protocol used to attach to the Printer. Under Address, enter the IP address for the Printer (this is made up of four numbers separated by dots). Once your Computer obtains a successful connection to the Printer, the Add switch at the bottom of the window will become active, and you can tick on it to add the Printer.

Q: How do we assist you?

Ans: We assist you in numerous ways which are mentioned below:

  • 1. Support for partitioning the problems like shadowed prints or further light prints for bringing consistency.
  • 2. Facilitate in creating the Printer work quick by optimization of views.
  • 3. Technical Support for building the additional Printer alert to print commands and backbone of spooling mistakes.
  • 4. Support for troubleshooting different problems associated with the Printer functioning.
  • 5. Facilitate in connecting your wireless Printer to the network quickly for remote use.
  • 6. Help in installing the Printer correctly and solution of various installation mess problems.



Brother Printer Customer Service is a independent Tech Support provider of Brother Printers. We do not claim that we have any direct or indirect link with Brother or its subordinates. We have been providing tailor-made solutions and Support Services for all of Brother Printers users.

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